Sheep for Sale – 5 Tips For Marketing and Selling Sheep

If you are sheep producer then part of your operations includes putting your sheep for sale.

Where and how do you put your sheep for sale?

• Public auctions.

Putting your sheep for sale in public auction is convenient and easy. There are regular weekly sales and special dates when graded sales are held prior to various religious holidays that observe the consumption of sheep. Moreover, putting your sheep for sale in public auction means you get a prompt payment. The disadvantage however, is that you cannot determine the selling price of your sheep prior to the auction. This is because in public auctions, “price discovery” or the determination of the price of your sheep is based through demand and supply factors.

• Direct sales to Ethnic/Religious groups.

A majority and constant demand for sheep comes from Muslims, Jews and other ethnic/religious groups that consume sheep as part of their religious observances such as the Ramadan and Passover. As a producer, you can take advantage of this by selling to these groups directly or through a middle man.

• Selling directly from your farm.

The advantage of putting your sheep for sale directly from your farm is that your profit margin is greater. This is because you don’t have to go through a middle man who gets a percentage of your income. Also, you will not be paying for transportation costs because your sheep will be picked-up on farm. There are many ways to market your sheep for direct sales from your farm: through word of mouth; by placing classified ads in newspapers; posting flyers prior to major holidays; sending advertisements to magazines, newsletters, TV and radio stations of ethnic groups; you can even use the internet to sell your sheep; or hand out free samples at your local famer’s market.

• Selling your sheep to meat processors.

The advantage of selling to a meat processor is that you will know the price of your sheep before hand. You can also expect this price to remain constant, but you can also periodically renegotiate when necessary. Nevertheless, in this kind of setup, you are required to produce a constant amount of sheep with a certain level of quality, periodically.

• Hiring a middle man or sales manager.

If you do not want to go through all the hassle of putting your sheep for sale, you can hire a middle man or sales manager who will do the job of finding you the most profitable way to sell your sheep-but of course with a commission as payment.

As you can see, there are many venues and ways on where and how to put your sheep for sale hence, adding to the profitability of raising sheep. Just remember to utilize all the information and possible options available in your area before choosing the method of sale that will give you the most profit.

Get Back to Basics – Car Salesman Tips

From time to time you will see a “Green Pea” (new car sales person) come out of training and hit the sales floor with their new found car sales knowledge and start selling cars. This person follows their sales training and car salesman tips to the letter and starts making deals right and left. They are excited and quite proud of their success in their new car sales career. They are smiling all the time and greeting their customers with enthusiasm while they chalk up more sales and commissions.

Then as time goes by they start to think that they can shortcut the steps of their training and save some time and energy. They also start to believe that they can pick out a sure sale at first sight and begin to pick and choose their customers. Then before they know what hit them their sales start dropping and so do their commissions. The new automobile salesperson is scratching their head trying figure out why nobody is buying from them. It is because they need to get back to the basics of their car salesman training and sales tips. Read on and you will discover the most basic and most important car salesman tips for being a successful car sales person.

#1 Basic Car Salesman Tip: Discovery

The basic meet and greet is the first meeting of the car salesman and the potential car buyer and a very critical step to selling cars. You know what they say about first impressions and it’s not any different when it comes to being a selling cars for a living. Introducing yourself in a prompt professional manner is the proper thing to do, but if you are dressed poorly or smell like an ashtray you stand a good chance of making a bad first impression. You must look, act, dress and speak like a professional to make a good impression. This car salesman tip will get you off on the right foot.

#2 Basic Car Salesman Tip: Selection

This car salesman tip may seem obvious, but proper selection is often overlooked by novice car sales people. You will never sell and the buyer will never buy the wrong car at the right price. All car buyers would like to have the top of the line automobile at the price of a base car. When you spend some time talking and determining their needs and you will save yourself a load of grief. If you show your customer the fully loaded model and they can only afford the base model you take a chance of embarrassing them. However if you show them the base model and they can afford more they will bump themselves. It is easy to step them up to the nicer models, but very hard and uncomfortable to bring them back down to a model that fits their budget.

#3 Basic Car Salesman Tip: Cherry Picking

Cherry picking is the practice of a car salesman that thinks they can determine the credit worthiness or buying potential of a customer by looking at them. Then they will decide if they are going to wait on that customer or let another salesman help them. The downside of cherry picking is that customers will often dress down and intentionally try to look less desirable as a defense strategy. They want the salesman to think they that they don’t have money or credit so that they won’t be pressured. I have seen many sales people miss out on very nice commissions by cherry picking. The moral of this car salesman tip is that you can’t pick out the buyers and the lookers by looking at them. The more people you help the more you will sell; it’s all about the numbers.

When you get in a car sales slump go back and read these very basic, but very important car salesman tips. You need to come off as a professional from the very start and get to know your customer and their needs. Talk to as many potential customers as you can, stick to the basics and your numbers will continue to climb as well as your commissions.

For Sale By Owner – Advertising Tips to Help You Sell Your House

There are times when home owners want to sell their house on their own and they need to attract as many buyers as possible. There are some advertising tips that you must keep in mind in order to save you time, money and peace of mind.

One of the most effective means to attract buyers is to advertise on the internet as today most buyers first look online before they consult a broker or agent. Today there are many classified sites that allow you to advertise for free. Simply type “for sale by owner” into your Google or Yahoo! search bar and you will find many options right on the first page. To get better presentation and wider exposure some sites might ask for premium upgrades and these may be a good idea depending on the urgency of your specific situation. If there is no rush you can avoid these and only advertise on the free sites without spending any money.

The goals of most sellers are the same regardless of whether or not they list with a real estate professional. They want a quick sale with the highest possible price and the least hassle. For all houses for sale by owner it is imperative to have the right things in the advertisement so that they are able to attract the right kind and the highest amount of buyers.

In any advertisement the headline is by far the most important part. Some experts say it accounts for 80% of the effectiveness of the ad. I always like to use the stand alone test. If you place only the headline and a phone number in a newspaper, will the phone ring? Look at the ads that are already in the newspaper or wherever you are thinking of advertising. Which ones catch your eye? Don’t feel bad about copying what they do. It’s easier than starting from scratch.

Remember to also add photographs when possible. Take a bunch of photos and use as many of the best ones as allowed. You don’t need to hear too much about how to take photos so I won’t belabor the point. Just know that when looking for houses it makes common sense that the ones with photographs get looked at first.

One must also ensure that the price they ask for the house is a fair one and leave, at the very most, ten percent room for negotiation. Brokers/agents and some websites can help you determine the asking price of the property. comes to mind right away. Along with marketing and exposure, pricing is one of the most important aspects of selling a home so don’t just go to one website that tells you the “value” of your home and use that price. Do your research. What have comparable homes in the same school district sold for in the past 3 months?

Signtronix Style Design – Top 10 Sign Design Tips

I am amazed every day I drive down the street and look at the same outdoor advertising graphic design mistakes repeated over and over. Business owners trying to make a living with a street-side presence that barley commands attention.

There are two scenarios that I see on a regular basis.

  • A potential customer walks into a custom sign shop and indicates their budget. The sign shop owner is weak, afraid of losing a potential sale, so he delivers a sign product designed to fit the proposed cost. With some simple education style selling the sign shop could have sold a product that would have made more money, for his shop, and the customer.
  • Another customer walks into the sign shop with a layout, or design concept that stinks. Again, fear of losing the customer causes the sign manufacturer to deliver the useless sign. Money down the drain.

Here are some key design elements that I have learned over 15 years in the outdoor advertising industry.

    1. Remember that potential customers of all backgrounds and ages are looking at your business from a moving vehicle, in traffic, day and night. They must be able to see and read your outdoor advertising easily. Don’t attempt to sell them with information on the sign – save that information until they are in your business.

    2. The correct design and layout of your sign is critical to its effectiveness. Crowding the sign with too much text makes it impossible to read from a car, or at a distance. Therefore, the fewer words the better. Use the age-old adage – K.I.S.S. method – Keep It Simple, Son.

    3. Understand the concept of “First Read.” There should be a focal point located on the sign that will have impact and command attention. Ideally, the first read should incorporate Branding elements like a large graphic, or your company logo.

    4. Your sign is your “first impression” with the mobile market, and first impressions are lasting impressions. Your outdoor advertising must project the positive image you want the public to have of your business. Potential customers will judge the inside of your business by how it looks on the outside.

    5. Many owners mistakenly think of a sign as merely a device that identifies the business. What they fail to realize is that over half of all new retail sales are a result of impulse buys. People see, shop and buy. If your outdoor advertising is ineffective, it will cost much more in lost sales then the entire cost of a good sign.

    6. Your outdoor advertising must have visual impact. It must make your products or services, and your location, easy to remember.

    7. Make sure the colors are used in contrasting patterns. Green on blue is not readable, whereas black on white is extremely visible.

    8. If you have several colors in a graphic, stay away from multi-colored lines of text or words (they will compete with the colors in your graphic). Black text is better.

    9. Ideally, the design and the colors of your location or building should reinforce the design and colors of your sign (or vice versa). Color is probably the easiest and most cost-effective device for this coordination of design for business identification.

    10. “White-space”. This is the surface area of a sign’s face that is left uncovered by either text or graphics. The proper amount of white-space is just as important for quick readability as are graphics, text and colors. In fact, 30% to 40% of the sign’s face area should be left as white-space for optimal readability.

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Tips on How to Sell Annuity Payments and Getting a Fair Deal

People receive annuity payments for a variety of different reasons. Who knows, they may have been one of the lucky ones to win one of the state lotteries. Or, they could have received a large settlement in a court case that they won. Or, maybe it was that they received an inheritance from a loved one who has passed away. In any case, more people receive annuity payments than what you think.

You don’t have to wait you entire lifetime to receive the total value of your specific payment. More than likely your settlement was structured to where you receive a monthly payment until the total sum has been paid. However, it is also very likely that you are wondering how to sell this payment in order to receive your well deserved cash right now.

There are several reasons why one might want to sell these payments. Structured as a monthly payment, the income might not be enough for one to adequately put a down payment on a home or to purchase that new car without going into debt. Therefore, many people look for a way to sell annuity payments so that they can get their large amount of cash now, instead of having to wait.

Here are a few tips on how to sell annuity payments:

1.Before deciding to sell your these payments, you will want to contact your attorney or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in order to see if the annuity can even be sold and how it will affect you financially by doing so. By realizing what the implications are of selling your annuity payments, you will better be able to make an informed decision on the matter, and then accurately decide whether or not to sell annuity payments.

2.Get quotes from several different companies that purchase these types of payments. When you decide to sell your payments, you do not have to go with the first agency. When a company offers to purchase your monthly annuities, they don’t give you the full amount. They only offer you a percentage; that’s how they make their money. So, each company could offer a different finalized amount that they would be willing to pay for your payments whenever you do decide to sell these payments. Therefore, by obtaining several quotes on your selling the payments on your annuity, you just might find that you would receive more money in the end by going with one company over another.

3.You have to make sure to watch out for yourself and your finances. No one else is going to do this for you. Make sure that you research all of the ins and outs of how to sell annuity payments before making a final decision on the matter. This is a large sum of money that you are receiving; however, that tends to bring the “bugs” out of the woodwork; meaning some companies may be looking to take advantage of you when and if you are desperate to see annuity payments.