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A Perfect Gadget of Samsung

When Samsung first entered into the gadget market, it created a lot of excitement among the mobile phone users. The main thing which attracted the customers was the attractive and stylist looks of the Samsung gadgets. Apart from that the high end features were also appreciated by a large amount of people. Time to time, this brand, enhanced its features. By now, this is one of the leading giants in the widget market. The different models and the high end features form the part of discussions for many gadget lovers. Quite interestingly, Samsung launches its gadgets in different colours, sizes, weights etc., and that too at regular intervals.

One such model from this famous brand is the Samsung F480 Tocco Pink. As the name suggests, this model is a beautiful Pink coloured handset. Its soft colour as well as other physical segments attract the user at a first sight. Many users want to keep their pocket light. In this regard, this gadget is a good option as it weighs just 100.6 grams and has dimensions of 98.4 x 55 x 11.6 mm. Apart from these features, its TFT screen displays attractive crystal clear images and video clips. However, the main thing which needs to be considered while purchasing a handset is its features. Now a days, stylist look is not of much importance, if the gadget’s features are not up to date. This smart handset contains plenty of features which are required by the common users. Moreover, this handset supports both 2G and 3G networks that has the ability to work on GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 and HSDPA 2100 respectively.

A craze about the messaging options have also been witnessed among the youths right from the beginning. This handset also comes powered with excellent messaging services. One can send beautiful quotes, pictures etc., through its text and multimedia messaging services. EMS and Instant Messaging are the messaging options which are liked by the customers. Apart from the messaging services, this gadget contains the WAP and HTML browsers in order to facilitate smart surfing. Transfer of data through Bluetooth is also prevalent these days and quite amazingly this option is also available in this handset. Via Bluetooth facility, pictures, videos, audio files etc., can be sent to other Bluetooth compatible devices within a specific range and that too absolutely free of cost.

Those days are gone, when you were to keep heavy cameras in your bags, while going on a picnic. Now, you can do this by your light weight camera handset also. This widget boasts of the camera option which is of 5 mega pixels. You can keep a record of every momentous occasion by capturing the images as well as the video clips. The face detection facility is also available in this camera gadget. Moreover, the video clips can also be easily copied to the PCs through the USB wire and can be kept safely in CDs. The latest Samung F480 Tocco Pink would further take full care of the entertainment lovers. This gadget comes preloaded with an audio player on which you can play the music tracks that supports music file formats such as MP3 and AAC formats. Apart from this option, its FM player allow the users to enjoy interesting programs. The game lovers can also play games at a very steady pace.

The data storage space may also be an important factor that needs to be considered for some users while purchasing a gadget. This handset consists of 232 MB of internal memory. But you can add extra memory i.e., up to 8 GB with the support of a microSD card. About its phone book memory, it can store up to 1000 entries. Apart from 30 missed, received and dialed numbers, you can even view the call records. Its standard battery delivers battery backup of approximately 3 hours talk time and 250 hours of standby time. Some other features of this gadget are Document Viewer, in which you can view Ms-office documents without any hassles. For sure, the Samsung F480 Tocco is one of the memorable handsets of Samsung mobile phone. Hopefully, this brand will continue launching such handsets in coming future also.

Best Gadgets For The Year 2010

2010 has been a great year from consumer electronics point of view. Many companies launched some of the most exciting products that captured audience’s eyes, and became major selling products of 2010. From a small music player to a large television set, there came a stream of wonderful gadgets and the technologies which have never been seen before.

Many gadgets came and go in 2010 but only few of them were able to make a major impact. 2009 was also a great year for consumer electronics, so looking at the sales trend of consumer electronics, many companies entered into this business in 2010, in order to get their share of profit, but only those companies were able to make impact and got market share who brought innovations in this category, and these were the companies which were already in this business and knew about the customer needs at that time.

To consider one particular device as a best gadget for 2010 is not fair and not practical as well, so there are three devices which are in true sense the best gadgets of 2010. Looking at the sales record of 2010 it is prominent that some companies like Apple, Amazon and Samsung made major growth in term of their profits and market share. And interestingly, this growth is by the virtue of innovative gadgets they launched in 2010.

Apple iPad the touch screen net book was the most speculated gadget of 2009, many bloggers speculated the design and specification of this gadget, but the real thing came in November 22, 2010. The iPad was sold out within the month of its launching, iPad became the trend among the young generation, with the small size and touch screen graphic display, people loved this net book. This was a treat for Apple fan boys, as it was the most talked about gadget even before its launch. And when it was finally launched, it became a major hit. iPad can be termed as the best gadget of 2010; as it was the first net book of its kind, it was an innovative device of Apple, many companies tried to launch similar devices like iPad but no one made an impact like iPad did. So iPad is indeed one of the best gadgets of 2010.

Amazon Kindle though is not a new gadget; it was launched in November 22, 2007 (Wikipedia, 2011). But it made a major impact in 2010, as in 2010, Amazon launched latest version of Kindle with some of the advanced and improved features. Amazon Kindle is an E-reading device and its market comprises of students and people who love to read. Amazon was the innovation in 2007, but its latest model Kindle DX Graphite (3rd Gen) can be declared as one of the best gadgets of 2010; as in this year it was introduced with the innovative features that were not seen before; therefore it attracted the customers and made sales record in 2010. Amazon reported that Amazon Kindle broke the record of Harry Potter in 2010 as the most selling item at Amazon (Amazon, 2011)

Cell phone is the one gadget which has made tremendous advancement in 21st century.And in 2010 most of the advanced cell phones were introduced. The competition in cell phone’s market is more than any other consumer electronics product. Cell phone is the necessity and it fascinates the people more than any other consumer electronic item. Many companies have tried to enter into this market; but only few have been able to make a major impact. There are few companies which are leader in this category i.e., Nokia, Samsun, Apple, Sony Ericson and Blackberry. All these companies are well-known for their cell phones. But in 2010 the best cell phone was clearly the iPhone 4.

Just like every other Apple’s product, iPhone 4 was the most talked about and most speculated product of 2010. Since the launch of first iPhone in 2007, iPhone has become the hot trend and no other company has been able to beat iPhone for its graphics and features. iPhone 4 launched in November, 2010 hit the market like a storm and it made sales records in just three months. iPhone 4 was introduced with some of the most advanced and entertaining features which people had never seen before. It is still the best cell phone available in market and there is no second thought about declaring it as the best cell phone of 2010.