7 Tips for Buying Urns Online

In the past, purchasing an urn involved going to the funeral home, which handled the funeral arrangements of your beloved family member, and picking one from their display selection. Now, since the advent of the Internet, one can simply type in the search term “urns” in any search engine and find literally hundreds of companies selling a wide variety of cremation urns online. Purchasing an urn from an Internet company can be painless and done from the comfort and privacy of your home. Yet, with such an enormous selection of urn vendors, how does one determine which vendor to purchase from?

It is difficult if not impossible to know who is genuinely interested in helping the customer and who is out to make a buck. These 7 tips are designed to help you evaluate the companies on the Internet selling cremation urns. Hopefully the information will help make this part of the process a little easier for you and your family.

1. Research the Urn Vendor

You want to deal with a business that is experienced and ethical. Invest a little time to educate yourself about the vendor you are considering doing business with.

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Where are they located?
  • Are they members of the Better Business Bureau?
  • If so, have they had any complaints?

Look within their website for an About Us or Company page that offers more information about them. You can also contact them by phone or email and question them.

Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they are a member and if they have had any complaints for the last three years. Members of the BBB Online Reliability program will prominently display the BBB seal on their website.

Be skeptical of vendors that do not fully disclose simple yet important information such as contact phone number, email address, and where they are located.

2. Examine Their Customer Service

Good customer service is shown by being focused on helping you instead of just getting the sale. They need to be oriented toward fulfilling your needs and not theirs.

  • Can they be contacted by phone or email?
  • Do they appear knowledgeable about their products?
  • Are they helpful in answering your questions?
  • If contacted after hours did you receive a reply within a reasonable amount of time the following business day?

It is more comforting to talk to an actual person and this should be possible during regular business hours. Contact them with any questions you have or just to see how they handle your call. You can learn a lot just by interaction with the company before you make the purchase.

You want to feel comfortable when discussing various details with them and they need to be helpful.

3. You Need a Guarantee

You want some kind of satisfaction guarantee especially with this type of product. If you get the urn and decide you don’t like it, you should be able to return it as long as it is in resalable condition.

  • Does the vendor offer a money back guarantee?
  • Do they accept returns?
  • If they accept returns, is there a restocking fee?

If your urn has been personalized or if it is custom made, then it is understandable if the company cannot accept a return just because of a change in heart. However, if it is damaged upon arrival or they personalized it with the wrong information they should replace it at no charge to you.

4. A Privacy Policy

With the amount of identity theft going around, you want to make absolutely certain your personal information is protected by the vendor you are dealing with.

  • Is the vendor’s privacy policy easily accessible?
  • Does it clearly outline what information is gathered?
  • Do they inform you how your personal information is handled?

Certainly you have heard how many Internet users are having their information given or sold to spammers. Take the necessary steps to ensure it does not happen to you.

5. Secure Payment Processing

You’ve taken the necessary precautions to ensure your credit is healthy. Don’t ruin it by making an online purchase from an unsecured website, which in turn may lead to fraudulent charges.

  • Does the website offer secure encryption?
  • What types of security measures are offered?
  • Do they have a security guarantee?

If a company is asking for your credit card information over the Internet, then it is very important that they have secure payment processing.

On the webpage where you submit your credit card information make sure the webpage url begins with https://, whereas there is an ‘s’ at the end of the http and a closed security lock at the bottom right hand side of the window. If these elements are not visible, the page is not secure.

Check the vendor’s website for a security guarantee and what measures are taken to protect your credit card information.

6. Watch Out for Hidden Charges

Most people dislike when they’ve decided to purchase an item only to find there are hidden costs such as delivery charges or other unexpected costs. Look more closely at the bottom line price and be aware of additional charges.

  • Is delivery included in the price or is it separate?
  • If buying cremation jewelry, do they charge extra for the chain?
  • Is their pricing easy to understand?

After you’ve added the items to your cart and are ready to check out, look to make sure no additional charges have been added that were not previously selected.

If you are purchasing cremation jewelry, take note that many vendors charge a lower price for the pendant and then add an additional charge for the chain. This is to create the illusion that their prices a lower whereas the total price is higher than the one that got your initial attention.

7. Multiple Payment Options

Don’t get stuck having to pay for the urn with a credit card when you would rather pay by check. Make sure the vendor has different options in place for making payment that fit your preference.

  • Do they take all major credit cards?
  • Does the vendor accept check payment or money orders
  • Can you mail or fax in your payment?
  • Are you able to phone in your order?

Most individuals will choose to pay online with a credit card, but a good number of individuals are more comfortable calling in their order or of their choice or using a different form of payment altogether.

Make sure the company can accommodate your preferred method of payment.

These 7 tips should help you to select the vendor from which you will purchase your urn from. Even then, sometimes the simple things such as visual elements (professional website appearance, user friendly interface, good product images) or resources of information will lend to the trustworthiness and credibility of a company.

In the very end what it boils down to is asking yourself: “Do I feel comfortable purchasing from this company?” and hopefully this article helped you to find that answer.

Information Product Ideas

Are you struggling to come up with information product ideas? Here are some ideas that you can to create your own information products.

Step By Step Guides

Write a step by step guide on how to do something. Lots of people are looking for this type of information because they want something that they can easily follow.

Examples are:

Step By Step Guide On How To Bake The Perfect Victoria Sponge.

Easy To Follow Guide On Building Your Own Rabbit Hutch

Home Study Courses

Sometimes people are looking for something more indepth or advanced that they can go through in their own time at home. Perhaps they are working on a longer term project.

Creating a complete home study course will enable someone to go from A to Z so that they can complete the thing they want to.

Live Training Programs

There are always people who want to learn something live. It enables them to ask questions as they are learning. Producing a live training program on how to do or achieve something is another great type of information product because you are able to sell it more than once!

You can sell it as a live course and then record it and sell it later on as a recorded course.

Weekly Programs

Another way to sell information is to compile a number of lessons and send them out on a regular basis. It could be weekly or fortnightly or monthly.

You could create a membership site so that the lessons only become available after a set period of time.

Having this type of information product enables you to generate a recurring income.

Coaching Programs

People might be able to get the information they need but often there are those who want the feedback and accountability that comes with being in a coaching program.

The only difference with a coaching program is that your clients will have some way of communicating directly with you. The information that you provide can be exactly the same as any of your other products.

Various Formats

You can also use various formats for your information products – such as video, audio or written format. You can use a combination of all 3 in any one information product.

Don’t forget that you can also create a physical version of your information product such as turning an ebook into a physical book or a video series as a DVD that can be shipped out.

Networking Tips: Connecting With The Business Specialist

Networking is not just about attending events. It is also about attending meetings, making strategic connections and growing your networks. Likewise, relationship building and planning are key components for successful networking. Networking can be a critical piece in business development. Being able to meet the right contacts and further your agenda can lead to a plethora of opportunities.

Listed below are tips for engaging in effective conversations with business specialists.

Step One

Whether you meet a business specialist a conference, meeting, mixer or other function, make sure that you are properly prepared. Have a dynamic elevator pitch which concisely highlights your company, capabilities, target audience and value proposition. Carry up to date marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, postcards and other useful information. Direct the conversation along the lines of offering information rather than selling a product or service. In the process, listen closely, pay attention and show respect. These types of nonverbal communication cues can build your brand and likeability with the other person.

Step Two

Once you have made a connection and scheduled your meeting, it is imperative to do your due diligence. Make sure that all of your information, materials and internet presence are aligned, correct and up to date. Feel free to reach out via email or phone to remind your counterpart of the session 1 or 2 days in advance. Be available to correspond before the meeting and update your counterpart on any changes to the meeting. Always arrive a few minutes early in the case that you are meeting outside of your location.

Step Three

Use the meeting as an opportunity to show professionalism and competency. Lead with confidence and adhere to the length of the scheduled meeting. Share presentations, demos, resources etc. and create a platform to do business. Follow through and offer to have another meeting as a continuation or to propose new ideas or content. As always, thank the business specialist for their time and follow up in a timely manner.

Use these tips to sharpen your networking skills. By connecting with these type of individuals, you are able to progress in your endeavors and achieve good success.

Handy Tips On How To Sell Gold Jewellery

It may not be a bad idea to dispose off some your old gold jewelry as it may assist you move out of a bad financial run. It is however essential that you don’t sell keepsakes or gold jewellery of great value without understanding what they might have been worth had you left them intact instead of having them melted down. Weighing them may help you in assessing their worth.

When not sure about how to go about it, it is recommended that you visit the Jewellers Association of Australia Limited website which provides general guidance to the public on jewellery selling, buying and insurance. Within the Australian jewellery industry, the Association of Australia Limited promotes business standards and ethics of the highest level.

Methods Of Selling Your Gold Jewellery

First of all, it is important to know that you are only going to receive a fraction of the total scrap value and not the complete market value, for the gold jewellery. The buyers will first have the gold melted down; therefore they are not going to pay you anything for the style or artisanship of your jewelry. Secondly, the dealer has to pay a smelter, one who does the gold melting. Then there is the profit for the buyer himself. In addition, keep in mind that some items of gold are purer hence more valuable compared to others.

Do Shop Around First

It is always a great idea to get several quotes before you sell your jewelry. Different buyers might offer lower rates than others, based on their profit margins and if they recognize special jewellery pieces.

Precious Metals Refiners

Typically you are likely to get close to the full market gold value from the refining firms. The hitch is that the majority of refiners generally only purchase in bulk. This makes it a doubtful route for somebody having only a few tiny gold pieces.

Before you make the final decision of selling to refining companies, always verify the reputation of the company’s with your local business bureau or the equivalent in your state. There are lots of companies having terrible reputations of treating buyers unfairly, so be alert.

Pawn Shops Or Local Jewellers

Perhaps the second-best alternative is to be found in pawn shops or your local jewellers. After determining the weight of the gold jewellery you wish to sell, call them up and inquire how much they would be willing offer for your jewellery. Remember pawn shops are in business and they will want to pay the least amount possible, so put on your haggling hat.

Gold Parties

These kinds of events are taking their cue from lingerie parties or such other gatherings. As you socialize and exchange pleasantries over a glass of wine, you could obtain sale, but do not go there expecting top dollar bargains.

Mail-in Jewel Buyers

The other possible sell gold jewellery option comes from firms and companies advertising on TV, online, or even on billboards along the highways. However, be advised that you are likely to get a raw deal, sometimes less than 30% of the gold market value.

It is extremely important that when selling your gold jewellery you obtain a good and above board deal. One such area is the weighing machines used by the buyers. Some digital and electrical scales used by buyers are legitimate although many are not. When in doubt, check the reputation of the buyer with the relevant government licensing bodies.

For example, in the UK, the Weights and Measures Act 1985 controls the way weighing and measuring apparatus are used. All equipment has to be tested and duly stamped by an inspector of weights and measures for accuracy before they are used.

Top Tips To Leverage LinkedIn For Insurance Agency Web Marketing

If your target market includes businesses, then you need to add LinkedIn to your Insurance Marketing strategy. With LinkedIn you can connect and network with business professionals in your target markets, and better determine the decision makers for these companies. LinkedIn differs from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it’s a business centric social media platform requiring a different approach to be successful. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

  • Professional Picture: You need a professional picture for your LinkedIn profile. Smile and look friendly but don’t use a selfie, a low res (blurry) image or a picture which is too casual.
  • Explain How You Help Your Customers: Don’t just copy and paste information from your resume on LinkedIn. Use the Summary and Experience sections to show what you can do for your customers and how you can help your ideal prospects.
  • Skills and Endorsements: Include all relevant skills on your profile and ask current customers who are on LinkedIn to endorse you so that connections will see you are an expert.
  • Make It Easy To Communicate With You: In your profile, include your contact information (address, phone number and a link to your Website) to make it easy for prospects to reach out to you.
  • Post Articles – Long Form Publishing: Posting articles which is called long form publishing is another great way to share your knowledge and reach out to potential prospects.
  • Don’t Just Join Groups In Your Profession: LinkedIn Groups is a great way to network with other agents, brokers and wholesalers but it is also a great way to communicate with prospects. Join groups which are applicable to your target prospects.
  • Don’t Sell In Groups: When you do join groups that contain your prospects don’t post messages that sell your services. Most groups forbid selling by members in the group and the other members will believe you are only there to find customers. Instead post relative content and communicate with group members in order to network with them.
  • Message Occasionally: You are allowed to message 1st degree connections, but you don’t want to bombard people with marketing messages. Instead message them occasionally with helpful information or just to let them know you are there to help them if they are interested.

As a professional network, LinkedIn is a great way to communicate with business prospects. As a part of a digital insurance marketing strategy, LinkedIn is an effective tool to locate potential prospects and engage with them in a professional manner.